Landshark Project design

Since I started this project, I have been very lucky and enormously grateful to all the people who have contributed their time, ideas and raw talent to creating the look of the Landshark. All links go to collections of images on my Dropbox account.


Simon Grand was one of the first people to put pen to paper and came up with some beautiful artwork.

This was my favourite version of the landshark for quite some time.


Jim Bowers was working for Psygnosis producing animation for Playstation games.

He made some lovely animation and stills for our project video.


Lotus Engineering really did a super job of bringing the Landshark to life.

This was all hand sculpted in clay.


Autocar magazine where writing an article on the Landshark and Drive Design Inc offered to produce a series of high resolution images.



And so it is will some trepidation, that I now offer my own version of the Landshark.

Please notice the red, white and blue colour scheme.


There is now a military and utility rescue version of the Landshark as well.

This is based around the construction of an RIB.

Copyright: David Baker 2015