The Landshark Project

Essentially, the project falls into three stages.

1. Design and build a remote control proof of concept fully working quarter scale model.

2. Design and build a full sized pre-production prototype and stage a combined land and water world record speed challenge.

3. Actually go into production with the sport and utility Landsharks.

Stage one is already underway to some degree.

The most recent images rely heavily on CGI which can then be used to produce the bodywork for a scale model.

This can be done fairly quickly and be very cost effective.



The stage one proof of concept model is hugely important.

At the moment it is easy to understand the idea of how the Landshark works, but nobody can say with any authority just how much of the engine power can be converted into forward thrust in water.

You have the weight of the vehicle in water to push out of the way, drive-train losses from engine to rear wheel, drag effects from both the Landshark body and spinning rear wheel plus pumping losses from the turbine itself.

I have always considered that whatever amount of push you eventually get out of the rear wheel, it has got to be better and more cost effective/simpler that a second drive system.