Welcome to the Landshark Project homepage

My name is David Baker and I am the inventor of the Landshark amphibious vehicle.

The Kickstarter campaign that was launched recently has been cancelled as of 27/03/2015. The main reason for this is not enough time being allowed to generate the publicity and awareness to attract funding and also the fact that the first stage project was starting from ground zero, not a big confidence builder.

I will be relaunching a funding campaign at the end of April 2015 and try and put together a more complete project proposal.




The Landshark will seat three people and will use a motorcycle engine to drive the rear wheel.

This is completely different to any other amphibious vehicle as it only has the one drive system for on both land and water.



Several versions of the Landshark can be produced depending on the requirements.

Here we have the military/utility/inshore rescue version alongside the sports version.

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